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  1. Good to hear from you. Am glad I can get help with canvases and get stitch guides. Right now I need help on the Santa in the Café that I purchased from you. You had told me to use cotton for the steam coming from the cups, but I have not been happy with what I could do. I have ripped numerous times. Would it be possible for me to meet with you for you to help me with this.
    I also received as a gift from a cousin in Houston 2 canvases of different St. Nicks. I am sure I will need help with these once I begin.
    Again, I am so happy you have started your business and hope to see you soon.

  2. You probably remember two canvases you helped me with — the drawing of my house and the Springer Spaniel dog. I was wondering if you could finish my house for me. I am really not enjoying doing it, and would be willing to pay for you to finish it for me. I really haven’t done much of it.
    About the dog, I have not done that, and won’t. As I remember, you told me I could return it to the shop you got it from and she would give me credit, but not refund. Do you suppose you could sell it for me, along with threads, so that I can realize something from it. I will not be going to the shop and could not use credit. Or perhaps someone would buy it and take it to shop for credit. What do you think? As you can guess, I am discouraged about these two canvases and would like to be done with them!! Have other projects I would rather focus on — two more canvases that you graphed for me, and some knitting. Thanks for any help you can give me and good luck on your website. Mary Lou

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