My name is Leona Cole and I’m starting a website with canvases to sell and offering stitch guides for any canvas that you may have.  I worked in a needlepoint shop for 17 years and have decided to start my own business.  This will be a web-based business for now.

I have taught classes for the Jackson Stitchery Guild and the Montgomery ANG.

I guess you are wondering why I’ve named my business Three Dogs Stitching.  I have 3 Jack Russell Terriers and love them very much and wanted a unique name.


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  1. Love the new business venture and kudos to you and all who helped you get the website up and running!
    The photos of Leono’s completed canvases, though gorgeous, simply can’t capture just how spectacular they truly are up close through the human eye. A fan I AM!

  2. This is fabulous, Leona! You develop wonderful stitch guides and are a wonderful teacher. Three Dogs Stitching is a great thing!

  3. Your stitched canvases are beautiful. I would like some information on the three canvases that are women please. One is in pink with feathers, one is in black, and one is in blue. Thank you, Carolyn

      1. Each canvas? As soon as I can save my pennies, I’ll be in touch to order. Thanks again, Carolyn

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